I’m Arfah Farooq

A community Builder

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I’ve been building and working on communities all my life from moderating online community forums to being on the school council to now co-founding MuslamicMakers (A Muslims in tech community). In my day job I’m the community development manager for GDS and cross-government product and delivery communities. I also helped to start the Muslims at GDS employer network too. I’ve aided the development of many communities so I really understand the magic of bringing people together and shaping and sustaining communities.

I live to collaborate and connect unique ideas to achieve big visions that will positively impact the world. I’m a problem solver who can take an idea and help you execute it. My focus is building communities to reduce repetition and increase efficiency to help create better bonds within organisations. I’m also a massive advocate for diversity and inclusion.

Some Of The Cool Stuff I'm Involved In...​

My Projects

Muslamic Makers is a  meetup bringing Muslim and non-Muslim makers together to discuss, pitch and share ideas

A website showcasing my research into Muslim Women in Tech as part of my Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship

A community for community managers.

How I Can Help?


I regularly chair events and speak on  community building, diversity and inclusion and future skills. I’ve spoken at TEDx, Computer Weekly, Tech Inclusion at Google as well as internationally in America, UAE and Pakistan.


A problem solver that can provide consultancy around community building, diversity and inclusion, future skills and young people.


I can provide tailored workshops with other awesome people around community building and diversity and inclusion. 

Let's Work together

If you would like to discuss more, drop me a line!