Community doesn’t just happen by magic, there are forces at play that help bring people together to create that magic. Communities are more vital than ever and the value they bring in organisations is often underestimated. Building communities helps to create a collaborative culture by sharing best practices, helping to increase efficiency, retention and wellbeing. I deliver workshops in three main areas, community building, diversity and inclusion and career planning and all of them have the theme of community through them. 

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Working with Arfah has been amazing, she is extremely impactful when it comes to community building and development. Arfah can take an inactive community and help them to find aligned vision, purpose and goals, whilst driving forward change in routine practices. Arfah is also gifted at D&I and isn't afraid to have the necessary discussions needed to make change. Arfah is kind, hard/smart working and very approachable.
Samantha Bryant
DM at GDS - UK Government

Community Building Workshops

My community building workshops cater for different stages. I cover a range of different areas such as: how to build a community, how to rebuild and energise, building a community manifesto and how to self-sustain and operationalise a community.

Workshops can be delivered as a 2 hour crash course or be tailored and be delivered over a day. 

Each workshop leaves participants with an actionable plan to go away and implement, as well as a new community of other people to help them with their goals. 

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Storytelling Workshops 

As a self-starter and someone who has navigated through different career paths and been in industries where I’m often the only person of colour, I’ve learned to navigate through industries, battle imposter syndrome, leverage my personal network and build a personal brand with authentic storytelling.

Each of these workshops leave participants with actionable plans to help impact their career or startup. 

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When it comes to communities Arfah is the person to know. You can follow her lead on how to create and run successful communities
Amir Anzur

Diversity & Inclusion Workshop

Having Built Muslamic Makers, an inclusive community to get more Muslims into tech, and worked on implementing many diversity and inclusion practices in companies where I’ve worked on and researched best practices across the world, I now deliver a workshop specifically targeted at startup founders on building in diversity and inclusion from the start.

 At the end of the workshop, founders will walk away with knowledge and best practices as well as an actionable plan on how to make sure diversity is built into the foundation of their company and not an add-on that comes many years later. 

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Other ways to work with me

If any of the workshops are of interest then get in touch and I’ll send a detailed breakdown. As well as workshops, I am also available for facilitating events and also to work over a period of time with selected clients. 

Arfah helped educate the entire company on diversity and inclusivity topics, which made us a better place to work at.
Evgeny Shadchnev
Co-Founder of Makers