Hey I'm Arfah.

Community Builder, Angel Investor, Facilitator, Diversity & Inclusion Expert and Keynote Speaker

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My experience and knowledge is best expressed when on stage on talking subjects I’m passionate about.  From my own personal journey to community building and diversity & inclusion. I love telling stories to enable people to see the world from a different lens and plant ideas for change


When it comes to communities Arfah is the person to know. You can follow her lead on how to create and run successful communities
Amir Anzur
Working with Arfah has been amazing, she is extremely impactful when it comes to community building and development. Arfah can take an inactive community and help them to find aligned vision, purpose and goals, whilst driving forward change in routine practices. Arfah is also gifted at D&I and isn't afraid to have the necessary discussions needed to make change.
Samantha Bryant
GDS Delivery Manager
Arfah is a committed and dynamic leader in tech and advocacy. She spoke at our London Conference and simultaneously was able to inspire and captivate our audience, while providing actionable takeaways. I highly recommend her as a speaker, she's wonderful to work with and a fantastic speaker.
Melinda Epler
Tech Inclusion Founder


I run workshops in three key areas. Community Building, Storytelling and Diversity and Inclusion.

Each workshop leaves participants with an actionable plan to go away and implement.


Affinis Labs

Affinis Labs https://youtu.be/Xgo1k226sak Affinis Labs is an award-winning social innovation firm that helps clients creatively tackle complex global challenges through entrepreneurship. Elixir Capital and Affinis Labs

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WeCreate Pakistan

I was able to have a tour of WeCreate Pakistan and meet some of the businesses based there. WECREATE | PAKISTAN serves as an entrepreneurial community center

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TechWomen https://youtu.be/EZncrInnodM TechWomen is a us government state sponsored programme that empowers, connects and supports the next generation of women leaders in science, technology, engineering and

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Habib University

Habib University is the first dedicated Liberal Arts & Sciences university that offers interdisciplinary education with its unique Liberal Core. I attended Habib university as I

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