Inclusive Workplaces

As part of my research I wanted to understand a bit more about how established workplaces have created inclusive spaces to benefit people with different needs. I was very lucky to have workplace tours of Facebook, Twitter, Surveymonkey and Asana in Silicon Valley and Spotify in New York.

In exploring these workplaces I saw some very common themes. They had wellbeing rooms which also doubled up as nap/mediation and a prayer room to help with employees needs.

Facebook even had a breastfeeding room and special car park areas for expectant mothers.

While talking to employees of the different company an an interview with the diversity officer at Survey Monkey Rhisa Muse I learnt about some of the best practices they have around employee engagement.

They have different employees resources groups like “Women at Survey Monkey, LGBT Group and Latinos etc and as each resource group has its own budget they feel empowered and are able to be autonomous and manage specific programmes in their respective regional offices.

Survey monkey also focussed on recruiting diverse talent by going to traditional black colleges to recruit new employees.

Best Practice: Employee resource groups with budget.

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