Community doesn’t just happen by magic, there are forces at play that help bring people together to create that magic. Communities are more vital than ever and the value they bring in organisations is often underestimated. Building communities helps to create a collaborative culture by sharing best practices, helping to increase efficiency, retention and wellbeing. Perhaps you want to create a better culture of connection between your remote team, or learn how to turn your passionate customers into a community of advocates. Maybe you have an existing community and you want to figure out how to re-energise it? With my help by working and co-creating with your people, we will build and work together to create self-sustaining communities that deliver value and results.

Training: Community Building Masterclasses

The interactive masterclasses are delivered either online or in-person. They are focused on the basics of community building, technical aspects such as tools and data, and deep dives into case-studies with tangible exercises to give you the tools to kickstart a community. The classes can be delivered as a one off full day workshop or be broken down into a series of workshops to fit in with your schedule. These classes are perfect for individuals or organisations exploring new community initiatives, universities and leadership programmes.

Strategy: Community Strategy Co-Creation Incubator


The co-creation incubator is where I work very closely with the team over a period of 6 weeks to listen and understand the challenges and issues. I will also bring other experienced individuals to carry out training. We will co-create with the community members to help produce a guide to take the community forward.  I’ll work closely as a part time in house consultant to help put the right structures in place. 

Coaching: 1:1 or Teams

1:1 Community Building support to provide ongoing advice and coaching support to help guide and problem solve. 

Top Achievements:


  • Top 30 London Tech Week Changemaker 2017
  • Current Community development manager for the 1500+ product and delivery communities across government working in Government Digital Services. Organised 2 national conferences for 150 PM/DM professionals. Curated and organised many events from meetings to away days and  Launched the ‘Introduction to Product Management’ course through training 18 PMs across Government and scaled it nationally so that the course could be delivered to over 80+ people. Currently working on developing the online course.
  • Co-Founded Muslamic Makers – a community now in its 4th year. 20+ events, 1000+ attendees, 200+ Muslims professionals in the slack community.  Worked with brands like Google for Startups, Transferwise, Ustwo. 
  • Winston Churchil Memorial Trustl fellow – Given grant to research Muslim Women in Tech in America, UAE and Pakistan. Research can be explored here. 
  • International Public Speaking including Tedx Newham, Tech Inclusion at Google, The Global Islamic Economy summit in Dubai, International Youth Summit in Pakistan and Open Silicon Valley Youth in America. 
  • One of the youngest entrepreneurs in Wayra Unltd. Secured over £135K mixture of grants and investment for startup Discoverables: Online platform for young people to learn soft skills and showcase talents.  Built a community of 1000 young people. 
  • Helped to launch the YoungPlanet app by product managing and kickstarting the parent community and onboarding the first 100 users onto the app. 
  • Joined startup Makers in its early days and helped to grow the brand : Reduced customer acquisition cost and doubled website traffic.  Achieved a 51% female cohort (smashing the 13% industry average). Co-created women in tech scholarship programme and kickstarted Alumni Community
  • Featured on BBC News, Forbes, MySalaam, Computer Weekly and various other media platforms. 
  • Sat on the London Development Corporation Youth Panel and then Board for the Olympic Park.
  • Trailblazing Muslim Women for International Womens Day Campaign
  • Emerald Networks 100 top inspiring Muslims. 


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