Rebuilding and Re-energising a community

How do you rebuild a community?

You founded a community, it was exciting and energising in the beginning and then, somehow along the way, you lost the passion. That is part of the normal cycle of communities.

As some of you may know I now run and develop communities for a living at the Government Digital Service. I run a community of practice for the Product Management and Delivery Management professions but I also ended up helping to start the Muslims at GDS community and co-founded the Muslamic Makers community

Each of these communities are at different stages in their journey, and it’s interesting that now I’m in this unique position I’m able to take things I learn in my day job and apply them to Muslamic Makers — and vice versa.

Muslamic Makers was founded over 3 years ago by me and Murtaza. It came out of a need of often being the only Muslims in our industry and we wanted to create a safe space that was inclusive, booze-free and focussed on bringing out role models in the community.

It’s not my community it’s our community

I can’t help but emphasise this. I love saying I co-founded this community or that community but the Muslamic Makers community simply would not exist without the people who are willing to be a part of it.

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