Muslamic Makers 2020 Review

It’s been quite the year for us all and it’s been no different for the Muslamic Makers Community. It was a year where the community needed each other. Founders in our communities went through tough times with their startups, some community members were made redundant, some were in isolation and we had students graduating in the middle of a pandemic feeling anxious.

We also rebuilt our team and with a bunch of amazing new volunteers, we are proud of everything we have achieved this year despite the odds against us. We did a lot of new things from a new programme to virtual lunches. We had many new members join our community and many of our community members gave back through mentoring.

They plan, and Allah plans. Surely, Allah is the Best of planners.” #Quran 8:30”.

What we planned:
At the start of this year in January we did an in-person hackathon with Deen Developers, which was a great success.
We also had an agreed partnership with Google For Startups for monthly sponsored events in their space for the whole of 2020.
We were also about to launch the Manchester Muslamic Makers Chapter in April and had to cancel our 4th Birthday event in March.
I personally also was trying to get a grant to enable me to go part-time on on Muslamic Makers.

What actually happened in 2020:



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