How we scaled the Introduction to Product Management course

The Introduction to Product Management course is a community-led course. It’s for non-product managers who want to understand the role better and find out about techniques they could use and apply in their day jobs. 

The objectives of the course are to: 

  • raise awareness of the Product Manager role in Government
  • teach some key Product Management skills which everyone can use in their day-job, and
  • help people to make a decision on whether they would like to work towards a role in Product Management and introduce them to other learning

The course is run over one day and covers:

  • what a product is
  • developing a product vision
  • knowing your users
  • planning delivery, and
  • setting priorities

This course is designed to be the starting point for anyone who wants to get into Product Management. It forms part of our wider learning and development plan for Product Management in Government. This learning and development plan includes:

Why we decided to create this course

As the Community Development Manager for Product Managers and Delivery Managers across Government my job is to develop and build the communities.

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