Dinyaat Center of America

One of the most impressive project I stumbled across was a Mosque teaching kids HTML and tech skills. Diyanet’s mission is to promote the understanding of Islam in Turkey and the world at large. It also provides religious services to the public and makes critical decisions on religious matters through its highly qualified scholars by considering the basic Islamic information sources and sound methodology of Islam, as well as historical experiences and the demands and requirements of modern life. Diyanet has achieved a sustained international reputation and its religious leaders have been listed among most influential Muslims in the world.

As part of the summer school programme, it used the concepts of religion to introduce young people to technology. I sat in one session and the teacher spoke about good deeds and bad deeds and how in all that is statistics. It used a mixed learning method of youtube videos and practical real life projects.

There were two sets of classes going on. One for senior high schoolers around data statistics and one for younger high schoolers on teaching the basics of HTML.

Best Practice: Using religious concepts to introduce young people to technology.

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